The solera
ageing system

Each rum marches to a different drummer. Geographic location, weather conditions, the aging process and other factors all bring out the traits.



Solera system
for ron de Guatemala


American white oak casks, French oak casks and vintage casks previously used to age different types of wine are those now cradling our rum. Each cask beats with a pulse that imparts a specific aroma profile, one slightly different from the next. The choice for each goes back to the desired aroma and flavor profile of the specific rum.
Some of the casks are fire treated to bring the wood to life, melding with pure rum in a ritual of delight and marriage.


The secret is in the blending. Each Ron de Guatemala is a work of art; the result of combining several complimentary rums that brings out the best traits of each in perfect and unique harmony.
Once the aging is complete, the contents of each cask are evaluated to assess flavor, aroma and color. At that point, our Ron de Guatemala experts select the aged rums for blending in vats of American white oak –each rum as it should be.

The expert Master Blenders that create Ron de Guatemala designed an aroma wheel diagram to illustrate the notes and harmonies that are possible combinations in each of our aged rums.